About Us

Welcome to Juelbox.com!

We are a US based company in the state of Nevada that specializes in fashionable fine jewelry, made only in real solid gold.

Juelbox was co-founded by two ecommerce veterans with over 30 years combined experience working for companies including Amazon and Zappos.  We have a foundation rooted in service, and will strive to always make your experience wonderful.

We invite you to join us, as we make you a few promises:

  • Amazing Service
    - White glove service is our standard. You will ALWAYS receive the best service possible.

    • Real Gold
      - All of our products contain 100% solid 10K & 14K gold. We don’t sell plated or filled jewelry, so products purchased from us will always be worth their weight in gold*.  You can be assured that any item you purchase from us will last a lifetime with proper care.

      • Fair pricing
        - Reasonable prices that reflect the value of our products and the work invested to bring them to you. We source our products directly from manufacturers in order to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you.

        • Curated Offerings
          - We focus on offering you jewelry that reflects current trends in simple, yet elegant, designs.


            We thank you for visiting us! 

            Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



            *This statement references gold melt value.  Gold prices fluctuate, and melt value may go up or down, depending on market conditions.